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What is a good resume?

What do top companies demand from your resume?

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Results over responsibilites

What companies demand the most in today's date is a problem solver, a person who gets the results rather than just boasting about his responsibilites. So, showing how you overcome challenges becomes a really important factor in deciding your selection.

Links to sample of your work

Most of the interviewer wouldn't spend much time looking at your resume and you need to share link of the work you have done so that they can easily open the links and see your work and judge you upon your work.

Concisely explain about the projects

The projects need to be briefly described with what technologies have been applied in the project in a justified layout with catchy titles.

Maintain uniformity in design and font

While making the Resume design, it is really important that it should be crisp and formal. The font should be same throughout the resume and the sizes remain uniform, different sections like heading and body should be differentiated on the basis of font decoration and size.

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